Levels of Work

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Engaging Everyone – ‘Levels of Work’

We have applied the theories of ‘Levels of Work’ so the Framework for High Performance engages everybody in your organisation, from your front-line, customer-facing people, through all of your management, through every function and business unit, to your Strategic Leadership teams.

To engage everybody at every level, their role in your transformation must be aligned to their ‘Level of Work‘, ensuring the contributions everybody makes to your success are meaningful and consistent.

We engage your Strategic Leadership team in creating the overall picture, defining the Valueneeded for future success, and creating a Culture of High Performance.

We ensure your Operational Leadership teams meet customer expectations through improvements and innovation in processes, services and practises. We provide Team Leaders with the tools to deliver defined quality, service and output levels, and engage everybody, In every front-line and customer-facing role in taking Personal Leadership in creating your desired future. 

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