Aligning Lean with Culture, Values and Strategy

Aligning Everything 1

The first step in your ‘Framework for High Performance‘ is to ensure we have everyone aligned to a common goal.

The Strategic Alignment workshop makes sure everything is in alignment with you values, culture and strategy to achieve results.

People Aligned to Common Goal

 Aligning Everyone to a Common Goal

Before we launch into any improvement program, it is crucial we have Alignment to a common goal – and that goal is Lean and Continuous Improvement.

Why is Alignment so important?

To successfully execute projects and initiatives, to achieve results, your people need clear Strategic Goals. You need to define and promote your desired Values, that then drive the right Behaviours, and then you will create a High-Performance Culture.

And then, to execute projects and initiatives, your people need the right Skills and Capabilities. And they need these skills at the right time – when they can apply them to a specific project or initiative.

And then of course you need Systems, and the right Structures, to support your people. You need systems such as Standard Work, 5S, Just-in-time – just to name a few!

In fact, to Execute And Achieve results, we must get everything in Alignment !

We kick off your ‘Framework for High Performance’ by creating alignment with your culture, values and strategy in our ‘Strategic Alignment’ Workshop.

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