Consulting – Fast Results

Sample Consulting Package:

  • Five-Day ‘Block’ (recommended) or Affordable Daily Rates
  • Focus on a Specific Problem or Result Area
  • We offer access to all our learning resources

Approximate Package Cost:

  • from $7,500 for initial Five-Day ‘Block’

Benefits of Consulting Packages:

  • Immediate Focus, Immediate Results
  • Get a ‘Quick Win’
  • Strengthen your ‘In-House’ expertise

Lean Consulting for Fast Improvements

We provide Lean Consulting – because sometimes you just need an urgent problem ‘fixed.’

Sometimes you do not have the budget to ‘train’ people, or the time to coach people.

Sometimes you just need a ‘quick win’

And sometimes you have a big problem, right now, and you need to improve performance, as soon as you can.

We are happy to provide direct Consulting to give you immediate Action Plans, immediate Improvements and Tangible Results, right now.

To learn more about Consulting Packages – call Glen on 0424 084 078 to discuss the right solution for your organisation and an obligation-free proposal.

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