Coaching and Mentoring your Lean Leaders

Sample Coaching/Mentoring Package:

  • Monthly or Weekly ‘Face to Face’ Coaching
  • Weekly ‘Dial-ins’
  • Call as many times as your team needs
  • Access to all learning resources
  • Access to our ‘Lending Library

Approximate Package Cost:

  • from $12,000 to $24,000 per annum

Benefits of Coaching Packages:

  • Personal Guidance – as much as you need
  • Access to our workshops and resources
  • Strengthen your ‘In-House’ expertise

Coaching and Mentoring your Leaders

Lucky enough to have committed, motivated people who want to design their own Frame for High Performance, or build and Operational Excellence program? Or perhaps you have Continuous Improvement Manager or similar, and they just need a little guidance, some help with training, and access to world-class Learning resources.

Performance Frameworks are happy to provide a Coaching and Mentoring Program solution to turbo-charge the effectiveness of your own people.

Not only will your people get access to our skills and expertise, we are happy to share our wonderful resources, happy to share our workshops and workbooks, our large library, and more than happy to get you fully equipped to build your own amazing in-house ‘Lean’ capability.

To learn more about Coaching and Mentoring Packages – call Glen on 0424 084 078 to discuss the right solution for your organisation and an obligation-free proposal.

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