Getting Results from Lean – FAST

FAST Strategy Execution Cycle
FAST Strategy Execution Cycle

A FAST Results Cycle

  • ‘Quarterly Challenges’ Aligned to your strategy
  • A Focus on the results you want to achieve
  • Action – Projects and Initiatives to achieve your goals
  • Skills delivered ‘Just-inTime’ –
    (no more ‘Sheep Dip’ training
  • Tracking through Visual Boards and Daily Meetings

Getting Results from Lean – FAST

Many Lean initiatives go round in circles and many fail – so we show you how to turn Lean thinking into results, FAST.

We deliver ‘A FAST’ Results Cycle so you see improvements, quickly.

Our first step is to get everyone Aligned to Your Strategy.

We then FOCUS your team on the Results you want to achieve.

Next, we take ACTION through FAST Project Teams

We ensure your teams have the right Skills and Capability to succeed through ‘Just-in-Time’ learning.

Finally, we Track Results through Visual Project Boards and Daily Asaichi Meeting.

Our FAST Results Cycle helps you turn Lean thinking into results. FAST.
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