‘Appreciative Inquiry’ and SOAR Framework

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SOAR Framework

  1. Focus on Strengths and Strategies
  2. Imagine Opportunities and Outcomes
  3. Take Action to achieve Aspirations
  4. Inspire to achieve Results


Building on Strengths

Appreciative Inquiry is a strengths-based, whole system philosophy to building Strategic Capability and helping your organisation SOAR.

Appreciative Inquiry inspires everyone to move beyond a ‘problem-focus’ and start imagining a better future.

Appreciative Inquiry is purposely positive and builds on past successes. Appreciative Inquiry is both ‘Grass-Roots’ and ‘Top-Down’.
Appreciative Inquiry inspires participation, to stimulate vision and creativity. AI accelerates change and achieves results.

Appreciative Inquiry challenges organisation to ‘Value the Best of What Is’, to envision ‘What Might Be’, engages everyone to imagine ‘What Should Be’, and inspires innovation to achieve ‘What Will Be’.

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